Let’s Fry Some Oysters Together

Fried oysters are delicious and extremely easy to prepare.  Deep frying does not require a deep-fryer.  It can be done quite effectively in a heavy bottomed pot.  The trick is maintaining an even temperature.  If your oil gets too hot the oysters burn- too cold and they will become greasy.  By using a clip-on candy thermometer and adjusting the flame it’s possible to keep your oil temperature constant.

Many fish markets sell pre-shucked oysters and many of the varieties are excellent.  Find out when they were shucked and keep them on ice.  Often the pre-shucked oysters are quite large making them excellent for frying.  Small oysters, such as a Kumomoto, though delicious raw, are too delicate and expensive for this recipe.

Fried Oysters

1 pint (6-10) shucked oysters
2 cups all-purpose flour
Lemon (sliced into wedges)
Frying oil such as vegetable or canola

Heat oil, 2-3 inches deep, in a heavy bottomed pot until it registers 375 on your candy thermometer.  In the meantime combine the flour, a generous few dashes of cayenne, a healthy amount of salt, and some black pepper in a bowl.  Remove the oysters from their container and drain off some of the liquid.  When the oil is ready, coat the oysters in the flour mixture, shaking off any excess and drop them in the oil.  If the temperature drops too much raise the heat on stove, keeping the oil around 375.  The oysters are done when they are a nice golden brown, about 2 minutes.  Remove them to a paper towel for a few seconds and serve immediately with fresh squeezed lemon.

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2 Responses to Let’s Fry Some Oysters Together

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  2. shaiana says:

    This dish really looks appetizing… Just like Gourmandia, this site also provides good recipes… A real dish with a kick!

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