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Culinary Asassins Spotted


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Our Upper East Side Five-Course Success

We recently cooked a private birthday dinner for a distinguished group of fifteen on the Upper East.  With help from Sous Chefs Jacob Soffes and Jesse Fisher we presented five courses.  Though we provided some delicious wine, we were trumped … Continue reading

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Ten Not-So-Secret Cooking Tips

1. Salt Most chefs use way more salt than you think.  Try using a little more than you’re used to, especially in sauces and soups, and you will notice the difference.  Don’t use a salt shaker.  Fill a coffee cup … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Some Beef Stew Together

Go to the butcher for boneless chuck roast.  If your butcher is nice he’ll cube it for you (1.5 inch).  Chuck is the perfect cut for this stew and relatively cheap. Avoid shrink-wrap pre-cut stew beef if you can. Use … Continue reading

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